About Ashford Design


As lifelong Washington and Oregon residents, the forests, beaches, rivers and people have always been a source of deep appreciation and inspiration for us. We value nature and take responsibility for our actions towards others and the environment. We have a strong desire to protect our environment while earning an honest living.

Our backgrounds are in the graphic design and print industry. Collectively we have over 30 years of experience. We've learned the pre- and post- computer-aided methods of design and have met some wonderful people along the way, now part of a growing, great network for design and print resources.

With our connections to printers and paper sources, we can be a 100% sustainable printing source for consumers.


Our focus is to help consumers print in a 100% sustainable manner. There are many tree-free and recycled papers available. We've chosen to make these our stock papers. Buying in bulk means that your cost is affordable compared to other choices.

Learning to accommodate Green printing has been a learning process. We continue to strive for perfection. We will always use local resources when available and work with vendors that have the same values as ourselves. Keeping with our high standards, we even purchase offset credits to cover the shipping costs if such costs cannot be avoided.

We've made a commitment to be a beneficial part of the world through social responsibility. We don't need to please investors, we just do what we think is best. Our actions do have an impact on the environment, and our communities.